Welcome to the L.I.F.T ACADEMY Website.

The LIFT Academy is a small, non-traditional high school geared toward students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting. In a day and evening program the LIFT Academy will serve students who have fallen off the graduation pathway. The L.I.F.T. Academy offers students a more personalized learning environment in which students undertake and complete blended learning assignments with assistance from a teacher for credits toward a high school diploma. Students at the Academy learn using online, computer-based curriculum and project-based learning. Students develop marketable skills and must achieve grade level competencies before advancing.

LIFT Academy is located at 2670-A Doctor Carver Drive, Charlotte, NC 28208 (approximately 6 miles from the West Charlotte High campus off of West Blvd.)

We believe that EVERY student can succeed; therefore we prepare students for academic excellence, personal responsibility, and the self-confidence necessary for success in college and life in the 21st century.

The LIFT ACADEMY is committed to graduating students from high school by creating a nurturing environment that provides:
  • Academic Excellence
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Self-Confidence
  • The instructional model will use innovative teaching methods. The school’s instructional design incorporates a blend of face-to-face instruction with on-line instruction in an environment that is teacher directed, mastery-based, technology enhanced, and personalized for every child every day.
  • The curriculum will align to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Students will meet the NC End of Course assessment requirements and NC/Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools graduation requirements.
  • Each student will receive a Personalized Academic Plan (PAP). The plan will be developed to ensure each student is provided with course work, interventions, and requirements for graduation and life beyond high school.

Attendance to all classes is required to be successful. In order to be considered in attendance, a student must be present at the LIFT Academy building or at a place other than the school with the approval of school officials for the purpose of attending an authorized school activity.
Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes, academic sessions and other scheduled school activities. Students will not be able to leave the building until officially dismissed at the end of the school day, with the exception of scheduled early dismissal by a parent or guardian. Any student leaving campus without permission from authorized personnel is violating the CMS Code of Student Conduct as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook (SRRCDH) provided at the beginning of the school year. (Parents who need an additional copy of the book should notify school staff)

For security reasons, the doors to the school will remain locked at all times. Staff will be at the front door to admit students daily from 7:00-7:15 AM or the scheduled time of arrival based upon student’s schedule. After 5 minutes students are marked tardy. We are committed to teaching students to take responsibility for their own education as well as becoming responsible adults. If a student is going to be late or absent from school, parents/guardians must contact the school.

The program will operate on a traditional school calendar. Classes are scheduled from 7:05AM-5:00PM.
|| 7:05 AM -7:24 AM
7:24 AM -7:29 AM
PLA Morning Meeting
7:30 AM -8:30 AM
1st period
8:31 AM -9:31 AM
2nd period
9:32 AM – 10:32 AM
3rd period
10:33 AM -11:53 AM
4th period
11:05-11:25 lunch
11:54 AM-12:54 PM
5th Period
12:55-1:55 PM
6th Period
1:56-2:56 PM
7th Period
2:57-3:57 PM
8th Period
3:58-4:58 PM
9th Period

Transportation will be provided by CMS for students that have classes from 7:00 AM arrival and 2:00 PM dismissal. Once students arrive at West Charlotte in the morning they will take a school bus to L.I.F.T. Academy. The bus will be parked in the ROTC bus driveway. Students should report directly the bus as soon as they arrive at West Charlotte so students should not walk around the West Charlotte Campus or cafeteria. Breakfast is served at L.I.F.T Academy Students that are taking afternoon classes will need to provide their own transportation. We understand that transportation can be a challenge for families. We do not want the lack of transportation to hinder students from taking advantage of this opportunity. It is recommended that parents work together to carpool. However, if that is not possible parents should indicate if they would like assistance with getting transportation through CATs public transportation. This is only a last option and with the permission of parents and guardians. Because classes will dismiss at 5:00 PM, it is recommended that parents arrange to have their child picked up from school. We want to ensure the safety of every student and cannot be held liable for any incident that occurs while using public transportation.


Students who drive to school must pay $25 to West Charlotte HS for a parking decal and it must be displayed in the front window of the vehicle. Student parking is located in the back lot of the Academy. Cars not parked in the proper place may be towed at the owner’s expense. Students cannot leave campus during the school day. In case of emergency, a parent’s permission must be given to a staff member before a student may leave school. This privilege can be revoked if miss used.

Breakfast, lunch and a snack will be served through CMS child nutrition. However, students may pack additional snacks if they prefer. Students will NOT be allowed to leave the building to get food.

YDI Vision & Mission
1. YDI specializes in working with older youth ages 14 years and up.
2. YDI empowers scholars to transition from adolescence to adulthood.
3. YDI works in conjunction with the school to help scholars graduate high school prepared for
college, post-secondary training and the military.
4. YDI uses evidence-based practices to
a. Connect the classroom to the real world
b. Build social/emotional intelligence
c. Established individualized education and career plans

We do this by using evidence-based models.
1. We connect the classroom to the real world.
2. We build social and emotional intelligence.
3. We establish individualized and educational career plans.

If interested or for more information contact Kristin Ward, YDI Site Coordinator Kristinl.ward@cms.k12.nc.us
All students are expected to comply with the CMS Code of Student Conduct as outlined in the Student Rights, and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook (SRRCDH). Consequences for student infractions will align with the SRRCDH and all the implications therein.

Under the Code of Conduct, the following definitions will apply:
Student: A person – adult or minor – enrolled in the school
(a) An official care-giver of a minor child, including but not limited to mother, father, step-parent, grandparent, or court-appointed guardian, including North Carolina Department of Social Services workers and/or group home employees as identified in the student management system, Power School. (Identification is always required);

(b) For young adult students aged 18-20, parent or guardian with whom the student currently resides;

(c) For married and independent adult students aged 18-20 and for all students aged 21 or older, the student him/herself.

Students attending the Academy will follow the same dress code policy enforced on the comprehensive high school campus. Per policy, head covering (i.e. hats, doo-rags, hoods, bandanas etc.) cannot be worn inside any buildings/classroom during the school day.

  1. 1. Dresses, shorts and skirts must be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Slits in skirts must also be no shorter than three inches above the knee. [3 inches is the size of a credit card horizontally]

  1. 2. No t-shirts that have been cut, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder tops, mesh tops, tube tops, or halter tops are allowed.

  1. 3. No see-through clothing. No undergarments are to be visible including bra straps.

  1. 4. No midriffs should show; shirts must be longer than the waistline of skirts, shorts, or pants.

  1. 5. No deep-plunging shirts; all shirts should adequately cover the upper body including the shoulders, back, midriff, and sides.

  1. 6. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist with no holes above the knee.

  1. 7. All clothing brands and designs with any unauthorized group symbols, profanity, gestures or signs are prohibited.

  1. 8. All hats, do-rags, bandanas, skull caps or any head-gear may not be worn in the building or trailer.

  1. 9. Gloves may not be worn during warm weather. Pajamas and slippers are prohibited.
If you have questions regarding attire please contact a staff member for clarification. Thank you for your cooperation and dressing appropriately.

L.I.F.T Academy Staff

We look forward to working with you & your student this school year. It is our hope that you will stay in constant contact with the staff of the Lift Academy so that we can all ensure that your student is ready for success in college and life in the 21st century.